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Established over 35 years - The leading time & attendance business. Contact our sales experts on 833 313 3144 or Chat online
Established over 35 years - The leading time & attendance business. Contact our sales experts on 833 313 3144 or Chat online

Hand Recognition Time Clock WIFI |PalmTrac 100 Wifi |and | Fingerprint | Proximity | PIN/ password | 90 days FREE Support | 1 Year warranty | Free payroll export | No subscriptions | Order RFID tag/badges in Accessories.


The user presents their previously enrolled palm, PIN, finger or RFID tag/badge to punch in/out.

  • 2022 Themes version. Change GUI Theme to dark/light. 100+ options included
  • Calculates hours worked and/or gross pay
  • Unlimited Shift Patterns
  • Unlimited Lunch/ Tea Breaks    
  • Automatic or Punched Breaks/both   
  • Grace and rounding option, in and out
  • Deduct for Cigarette Breaks
  • Employee Rostering    
  • Exports data to all Payroll Programs
  • This is a Wifi and ethernet model


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    • Description
    • Key Features
    • Reports and Payroll
    • Software Requirements
    • Software Comparison
    • Hardware Specifications
    • Frequently asked questions and answers

    This is not a CLOUD or subscription product and there are no on-going fees. You buy the solution, you install it, it is yours to keep.


    This is professionally developed software in Delphi language and uses an MySql database. We are ISO 27001 certified and all our software is code-signed.

    We have sold over 30,000 of these systems. Shipped orders take 5-8 days for delivery. We ship same day.


    In normal use, the user presents a previously enrolled RFID tag to punch in/out or use a PIN code.

    Handles daily O/T x 1.5 rate after 8 hours, O/T x 2 after 12 hours and O/T x 1.5 after 40 hrs week. Also different O/T rates after x hrs every day/week or pay period. Multiple pay periods further allows you to repeat or set up different daily and weekly O/T rules for each pay period, like separate sets of employees, workers who are exempt, or work day shifts, night shifts, part time, weekends only. Pay week start different any day of week in each pay period, and handles, Mo-Thu x.xx till  x.xx, Fri, Saturday, Sunday each with different shift rules and any combination.  Change employee shifts for any day in a second, it’s versatile.  

    Here is a sample Bi-Weekly time card with explanations.


    Features and benefits of the 100 Professional Version Software


    • Lunch/breaks/paid/unpaid – Unlimited
    • Pay periods - Custom length, Weekly, bi-weekly, 4 weekly, Monthly on any day.
    • Overtime – by: Time band, Daily, Weekly, weekly totals in pay period and pay period.
    • You can install up to 255 time clocks to this solution.


    Features Explained


    What's in the box? 

    PalmTrac 100 Wifi Terminal, Mounting Backplate, Network Cable, 3 Pin Power Adaptor. Software is digital download so the Internet is required.

    There are no RFID proximity tags or Badges included with this system unless ordered.

    Time Clock Key Features


    PalmTrac 100 Wifi is a 'Pro' level time clocking in machine with Time & Attendance Software. The PalmTrac 100 is WIFI and network ready and features, 'Roll Call' Reports, Payroll Export and Live attendance dashboards. Includes 1 Year Free Software Support + 1 Year Free Hardware Warranty.



    Time card detail reporting 

    • Time cards available in with many pay period options, 1 week, 2 week, 4 week, monthly date, end of month or pick your own length pay period.
    • Prints full time card activity report - many different report options - including terminal used, shift applied, and missed clockings.
    • Reports automatically highlight missed clockings, lateness, sickness, holiday, unauthorized absence, breaks exceeded and early departure etc.
    • Reports highlight lateness in red or bold.



    Time card summary

    Prints full time card summary report for any selection - for viewing but mainly to create export for payroll programs. 

    Roll call in case of fire

    Run automatic, on demand and up-to-date fire roll call reports in cases of emergency. Our fire report gives you greater confidence by allowing an instant roll call if required- great for Health and Safety. 

    • The Roll call report automatically documents every transactions as they happen for an accurate, on the spot roll call.
    • Run on multiple PC's each with it own selection of employees.
    • This report can be set to run automatically or on demand.


    Who's not 'IN'

    Don’t go looking for employees. Get the Live attendance display installed on the PC that requires it or run the ‘who’s not in’ report.

    Missed clockings report

    Make sure your records are up to date with this report. This way you can be sure  your payroll will be right and not have missing data.


    Export to payroll packages

    You can export your time card and other data from 100 software for use in other payroll packages or Excel spreadsheets.


    Export to Excel

    The 100 version exports all data to a file in CSV format for use in Excel and almost all known payroll systems.   

    • Automatically calculates the correct figures for payroll.
    • Data can also be exported for use in third party software such as HR and Personnel packages.
    • Print or view information on screen and save reports to disk for later review or use elsewhere.


    How the terminal works

    Each employee presents their pre-enrolled hand, finger, RFID badge or PIN to the PalmTrac 100 Wifi clocking in machine and once recognized this creates an in/out transaction. The terminal displays the result of the attempt along with an audible message.

    You can then add, modify or delete any transactions in your included time & attendance software at your PC. 


    1 week location shown




    Bi-weekly time card showing terminal



    Here is a list of some reports available that have many selectable options to create them.

    Time Cards - Detail Report

    Time Cards - Summary Report

    Employee List - Detailed information

    Employee List - Summary

    Time Cards - Detail with terminal used and hours

    Time Cards - Detail with Vacation and hours

    Time Cards - Detail hours with terminal used and vacation 

    Employee Absence Report

    'Who Is Not' In Report

    'Who Is Late' Report

    'Missing Punch Report'


    Time Card Reporting.

    • Prints full time card activity report - shift number used and lists missed clockings.
    • Reports can highlight missed clockings, lateness, early departure and breaks exceeded.
    • Reports highlight lateness in red or bold.

     Even more.

    • Time card detail
    • Time card summary
    • Employee summary
    • Employee detail list
    • Who’s not in
    • Who is late
    • Export reports easily to pdf, excel, or word processing programs.



    Exporting data to Payroll programs or Excel


    You can export your time card and other data from the software to a file for 3rd party payroll or Excel spreadsheets.

    Other Exports

    Software exports all data to a file in many different formats for use in Excel and payroll systems.  

    • The software automatically calculates the correct figures for payroll.
    • Data can also be exported for use in third party software such as HR and Personnel packages
    • Print or view information on screen and save reports to disk for later review or use elsewhere.



    Software Requirements

    This product is a single PC licence works only on Windows operating systems


    PC *minimum* requirements:

    * Standard Windows Intel-compatible processor (Intel, AMD etc)

    * 4gb RAM or greater as required by Windows specifications.

    * 200MB hard disk space free.

    * An available and suitable network port (for time clock hardware equipped with a network port) or WIFI

    * Windows 10 or better; desktop versions, 32bit or 64 bit with no sub-systems restrictions.


    We do not guarantee the software will work unimpeded on Windows Insider versions.

    This product is not sold to work on beta or preview versions of Windows or emulation packages such as the WINE project, thin client or virtual environments.

    This product should not be used to run, read or write to/from a WSL partition.

    Storing the data on a virtual storage space such as OneDrive, DropBox or similar is not recommended.


    May 2024 V1.03

    Below is a software comparison for software options that will come with your new time & attendance system. 





    How the terminal works:
    Each employee presents their previously enrolled face to the terminal and once recognized this creates an in/out transaction. The terminal displays the result of the attempt along with an audible message. The software also allows authorized personnel to add, modify or delete those transactions.

    Robust ABS construction
    Large LCD display
    Wall mount
    Data Protection: Does not store images of users or other human indicators.
    Communications all fitted as standard: WIFI, TCP/IP - LAN/WAN 10/100 Mbit.
    Transaction capacity: 100000 transactions (Download transactions to restore transaction capacity)
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 7" x 2" x 5.5"

    Standards: FCC, UL
    Power supply: 110/120vac 2 pin adaptor to 12VDC


    October 2023 V1.02

    PalmTrac 100 WIFI


     1. Is this version LAN capable?

    Yes, the Model PalmTrac 100 WIFI is also LAN capable. More information is on the specifications page.


     2. How do I connect the Time Clock to my PC?

    If your Time Clock has WIFI - WIFI is easiest. In the professional world, if you have WIFI on the Time Clock and you have a suitable WIFI  network on your premises, then program the Time Clock in the ‘WIFI settings’ to connect the Time Clock to your network (just like the WIFI on you mobile phone). Then do the same on the PC/server that has  your ‘hardware controller’ software installed.

    If you only have one PC then connect to the WIFI on that as above, but the software must be installed on same PC. 

    If your Time Clock only has TCP/IP (ethernet), then you would normally connect the Time Clock, using the ethernet cable, to a spare network point or direct to a router, program the Time Clock, just like above, but in the ‘TCP/IP settings’ of the Time Clock.

    In theory, when you set up the setting on a Time Clock on a network, you give the Time Clock an IP address and sometimes a password. This is just like moving into a new home, you tell your friends your new address. At the PC or server, in our ‘Hardware Controller’ software you also enter that same IP address, like someone setting up SAT-NAV in their vehicle to find your home. 

    The Time Clock is now sitting in its new ‘virtual’ home waving a virtual flag saying ‘here I am’ and the hardware controller has the Time Clock address. So they can now talk to eah other. (Polling)


     3. Where should I install the software?

    Please see the above answer.


     4. Can I use some TCP/IP and some WIFI Time Clocks and control them with one piece of software?

    Yes you can.


     5. How do I install the software?

    The software installs automatically. Just follow the install instruction. When installing, you can abandon the install at any time if you change your mind about any option you have selected. It intelligent so you won’t break it and support can help if you go wrong.

    Helpful note:  When installing the software you must put the software on a PC that is going to use the software but you can put the database part of the software on a server or the same PC (your choice). You must put the database and ‘polling’ on a server if you intend to run multiple instances of the software. The install program will ask you where you want to put the database and ‘polling’.



     6. I have 8 premises in the USA. How can I connect the Time Clock to my office in Frisco, Dallas?

    You will need all those premises to be on the same network and the one that has the software installed. If this cannot be done then you can ask you support department to get you access to each of the premise networks via port forwarding. You simply get the IP network at the premises where the Time Clock is located, to access their network setup and open a port for you to so the software can access the data in the Time Clock. Then use that same information to program that into our hardware controller. 


     7. If I get the 25 employee version and later will need the 50 employee one, how can I do this? 

    You can increase employee levels at any time. This is usually done by an email.


     8. Does the Time Clock have a password to keep it locked from others accessing the settings?

    Yes, you can enter your own password for this. Always use text and not a finger, face tag or any other method. If that finger, face or tag leaves the business then you will have to call support to bypass the settings.


     9. What is a shift? 

    A shift is a set of working rules for a day.


     10. What is a shift pattern? 

    An arrangement of shifts over a pay period so you can accurately measure the hours worked. For example Shift 3 for Monday to Thursday (8.00am to 5.00pm), shift 5 for Friday (8.00am to 7.00pm), shift 7 for Saturday 8.00 to 1.00pm at double time and shift 8 Sunday, a non-working day.


     11. What does it mean when it says “max number of time clocks on system”? 

    What this means is the maximum number of clocking Time Clocks that the software can support at one PC. 

    Clients like to fit Time Clocks in each department store in their chain, or multiple Time Clocks on a work site, one at the front door, back door, office, 2 on the factory floor etc. The maximum number of Time Clocks allowed is stated on the specifications page.


     12. Can I turn off the auto deductions for not clocking out for lunch? 

    Yes, you can turn off auto deductions. 

    When you use this feature, the auto deduct can be configured for to deduct any amount of time in at a fixed time (drink break of 15 mins, at 10.00am no clocking required) or in a window of time (deduct 30 mins between 12.00pm and 2.00pm if employee does not clock for break). 


     13. What grace options are there?

    The grace options are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, and 30 minutes.


     14. Can I turn off grace options? 

    Yes, you can turn off grace options. 


     15. Can I turn off rounding time? 

    Yes, you can turn off rounding time.


     16. What roundings are there? 

    The roundings available are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, and 30 minutes.


     17. What pay periods are there? 

    The pay periods available are - Weekly, bi-weekly, 4 weekly and monthly. You can also compose your own pay period of any length of days. You can have some employees on bi-weekly and others on weekly. Suggestions are welcome


     18. Employees who work overtime must work a minimum of ½ an hour. Can the system do this? 

    Yes, the system can.


     19. Our lunch break is only ½ an hour. Can the system handle this? 

    Yes, the system most definitely can handle this.


     20. Some employees get 1/2 hour paid lunch, some get ½ unpaid lunch and some get 1 hour paid lunch. Can the system do all this?

    Yes the system can do all this.


     21. We give our employees 3 breaks a day, one for lunch and two for cigarette breaks.  I want to be able to deduct the lunch and cigarette breaks from their hours. Can I get the software to do this? 

    Yes, you can get the software to do this.


     22. If someone forgets to clock how can I fix that? 

    At the PC, authorized users can edit transactions.


     23. Will this device continue to work if I don’t get support? 

    Yes. The software will carry on working. 


     24. How much is support? 

    The cost of support depends on the system purchased and number of ‘live’ employees using it.


     25. What is included in the 12 months free support?  

    Support is to keep the software operating according to it specification. Support is for those who have tried to resolve a problem themselves. 


     26. What is the benefit of having more than one Time Clock? 

    You might need more than one Time Clock to save money - if you have a lot of employees that depart at the same time – you are paying them to queue up to clock -  save that by getting more Time Clocks. Also, some clients like one Time Clock for the office and one for the factory floor, so factory workers do not have to walk through office to clock. There are many reasons for multiple Time Clocks and best reasons come from clients. We know of users who have 8 clocking machines at one factory door to stop queueing.


     27. We have 150 employees and our HR gets inundated with requests for general verification of hours worked. I would like to automate this so the HR can easily send or print something. Do you have a solution? 

    Yes, we have a solution. Use the 200 version of the software. It has an automatic email option so you can send an employee time card report regularly, at fixed times, each selected day (usually evenings, or anytime you choose, no limits) to selected employees. It should reduce those requests and free up time for your HR employees.


     28. Some employee turn up an hour early and clock for work. How can we stop them from being paid for these hours? 

    You can stop employees being paid for these hours in the shift set up. You can stop time accumulating at start and end of a shift. 


     29. I have quite a few employees and they all work slightly different times and it takes my pay lady a long time to work out the hours. We want something that make this easier. Can you help? 

    Yes, we can help. Any model from 100 upwards has multiple shift options. You can have every employee on a different shift every day of the year. It really is versatile.


     30. What happens if the power goes off? Do I lose my information? 

    You should not lose any data. The Time Clock stores data even during power outages.


     31. We operate a 2 week pay period, but overtime is calculated weekly, we don’t pay daily overtime until 39 hours PER Mon- Fri workdays have been worked. We pay overtime on Saturday, but don’t want to unless the same 39 hours have been worked during the week. Can I get the software to do this? 

    Yes, the software can automatically do this. Overtime can be calculated daily, weekly or by pay period but can be ‘limited’ by rules. As an example, you reduce weekly overtime until ‘39 hours at standard rate’ are met. This feature can move any selected worked overtime from selected overtime rates to standard rate until 39 hours are hit.
    The 39 hours can be set in ‘overtime limits’ and the same goes for Saturday being paid overtime, ‘no overtime paid Saturday until 39 hours at standard rate achieved during Monday- Friday’. Great feature. 


     32. We operate different shifts, Monday to Thursday 8am – 6pm and Fridays 8am till 11pm, Saturdays 8am till 13.00 on fixed overtime for Saturday. Can I get the software to do this? 

    Yes you can get the software to do this. The software allows different a shift every day, each with its own pay rules.

    FAQ 100,200 WIFI USA Nov 2023 V1.02